Friday, March 26, 2010

Oblatne Experiment #1 - Vanilla Cremes

My first use of some of the Oblatne I featured in yesterdays' post. I whipped up a vanilla creme filling improvisation to make an Oblatne sandwich. Some marshmallow creme, a few drops of vanilla, some sugar, a dollop of shortening and a couple of splashes of heavy cream. I thought it tasted good, but too sugary, however, it was totally kid-approved. I'm still looking for tips on what to do with the rest of the wafer sheets.

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NannyAnny's Mary Kay Shop said...

we use the oblatne wafers to make a chocolate filing.
2 cans condensed milk
1 stick butter
stir those two on medium heat until well mixed.

add ground walnuts about 2 cups.
add cocoa powder and chocolate squares to taste. let them melt and mixed well.

once the mixture begins to boil it is done. now you are ready to spread over the layers. we use the whole set of wafers in a package to make a muli-layer oblatne.