Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taste Test: Telluride Truffles

Look at this perfect pyramid of chocolate truffle. This is a Telluride Truffle from Colorado. My friend sent them to me for Valentine's Day. The above truffle is called "Black Diamond." Tequila in dark chocolate with a touch of salt. All I can say is....more please! These pillows of chocolate love are smooth and not overly sweet.
Here's the box they arrived in. Truffles are made with organic cream and fine liqueurs. Some of the flavors: Bunny Hill-banana and milk chocolate, Spiral-Grand Marnier and dark chocolate, Alpenglow-Cabernet Sauvignon and bittersweet chocolate, and First Tracks-milk chocolate infused with Chambord.

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Lisa Wilson said...

Seriously, they are little pieces of heaven, aren't they? I have to be careful not to go in the shop too often. They also have chocolate sauce for ice cream and some yummy cake.