Thursday, October 8, 2009

Boise Deli Adventure: Marbled Rye, Pastrami and Egg Salad

One of the most vivid memories of our New York trip last year was the Carnegie Deli. I had heard descriptions, but it had to be experienced to understand. The Woody Allen sandwich is my husband's favorite. I like egg salad. So with NY deli thoughts in our heads, we tried out Gandolfo's Deli, which bills itself as a New York deli. Above is the I Love NY sandwich: pastrami, corned beef and Swiss cheese on marbled rye, served hot. And below is the Eastside egg salad sandwich on sourdough.
When I saw the marbled rye, I was jealous. The egg salad was good, but next time, I want that rye! My husband gave his sandwich a "thumbs up," too. The deli was clean and those working the counter were attentive and even came out to the seating area, twice, to ask if the food was to our liking.

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