Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Visit to Louie's

We had a quick dinner at Louie's Pizza and Italian Restaurant. It's a locally-owned business that we used to frequent a lot, until they discontinued offering cioppino and changed their pizza crust. But, we decided to give them another chance. This was my dinner and I loved it. It was chicken cashew Gorgonzola with asparagus and mushrooms. Notice that the cashews were missing. I mentioned it to the waiter and they brought me a dish of sauteed cashews to add in. This was a wonderful dish. I'm craving it today.
My husband ordered the lasagna. He said it was bland, and wasn't as thrilled as I was about my dish.

This is the kid-sized pizza. It's big! My daughter didn't really eat much, she said she wasn't hungry. But we did take it home and she ate it the next day.
And a simple, but large, piece of chocolate cake for dessert. No possible way for us to eat all of this, but it was good. Louie's prices are low, especially compared to what the big chain Italian restaurants charge. The night we were there, one of the waiters was singing to his customers.

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Janet said...

Now, that chocolate cake is to die for!