Friday, January 16, 2009

Throwing Dinner on the Table

Fried chicken strips, mashed potatoes and gravy, and sauteed cabbage. First, the potatoes, they take the longest to prepare.
I scrubbed these Idaho spuds and cut them in big chunks. Sometimes, I put the whole potato in. No need to peel them. Boil until tender.
Drain them, and pile them on top of a big glob of cream cheese and butter and just let them sit for a while. I left them there ten minutes or so.I plugged in the deep-fryer and whisked together the cheater gravy out of a package. I used Knorr roasted chicken gravy.
I sliced some cabbage thin. The cabbage was a surprise in my organic box delivery this week.
Time to swirl the potatoes around in a stand mixer. Add a little milk if they're too thick. I don't whip them into a frosting-like frenzy, it's fine to leave a few big pieces.

These frozen chicken strips from Schwan's cook in 3 minutes.

Saute the cabbage in a little bit of butter, and salt and pepper it. This takes just a couple of minutes. And, everything is ready to serve!

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