Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Olive Garden Visit

Four cheese stuffed mezzaluna with sausage is the dish my husband ordered. It was in a tomato cream sauce. He said it was good.

I had the four cheese stuffed mezzaluna with shrimp with a white wine sauce. It was also good. Mezzaluna refers to the type of ravioli in this dish, it's shaped like a crescent moon. Wonder why we frequent Olive Garden so often? Well, it is good, our daughter likes it, and...we have oodles of free gift cards. Thank you American Express rewards!


SamanthaMarie said...

I love the Olive Garden (:

Anonymous said...

Went into Olive Garden last saturday just to enjoy the mezzaluna w/sausage. It had been advertised quite recently. Well the brain trust at OG had already removed it from menu at least a month! Not only did it really honk me off but I wondered what kind of business decision is this? Their regular menu is quite boring anyway, they need items like this to be PERMANANT. Yet they yank it before a person can get a chance.