Monday, August 3, 2009

First-of-the-Season Cherry Tomato Salsa

I picked a basket of cherry tomatoes the other day and sliced and diced them into a salsa last night. My salsa is closer to a pico de gallo, and with cherry tomatoes, it does take some time to slice and dice. But this is so good - I drink the salsa juice! The basic recipe (all measurements to taste): sweet onion, cherry tomatoes (about a quarter of the batch), sliced jarred jalapenos, minced garlic and salt - run these ingredients in the food processor to make a slurry. Transfer to a bowl and start slicing and dicing the rest of the cherry tomatoes. Mix all together and add cilantro, unless you hate cilantro, and I know people who do.


tahtimbo said...

This is our first year growing cherry tomatoes and I must say that they are fantastic!! I never thought of making salsa with them, but if we get over-run with them, I'll add them to our other tomatoes when I start making my batches of salsa. Thanks for the tip!

Buck said...

I want to have a meal with you - my wife doesn't like cilantro, and drinking the juice is a revered custom with me. Waste none of that goodness!