Friday, May 1, 2009

Kyoto - at the Grill

Dinner at Kyoto in Boise Friday night. It's our favorite sushi place! But it's also a Japanese steakhouse with a grill show. And yes, you can order sushi even if you're sitting at the grill with friends chowing down on steak and shrimp. If you visit, say "hi" to Lee! And Vincent - the sushi chef we LOVE!

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Anonymous said...

Kyoto made my twelve year old niece cry on her birthday. We made reservations ten days in advance for her birthday dinner. When we arrived the place was very busy so we took a seat to wait for our table to become available. They seated two different parties ahead of us who didn't have reservations. After waiting for half an hour my niece was so hungry and frustrated that that she started crying. Maybe their food is good but I don't know because we left and I'll never go back. What a disappointment!