Monday, April 27, 2009

Monte Cristo Taste Test

Since gulping down a Monte Cristo at Chompie's Deli in Arizona, I've been craving one! In a way, I don't really want to find a good one in the Boise area, because then I'd eat them far too often - and they are very high-calorie! I sampled this Monte Cristo at the Westside Drive In. It was ham, turkey and a garlic-tasting cheese tucked into three slices of bread and dipped in a French toast-type crumb batter and fried, then sprinkled with powdered sugar. It was served with raspberry jam for dipping. A traditional Monte Cristo is served with strawberry jam. I didn't like this version - which I see as a positive thing because I won't be tempted! Although, I have received a tip about another location that serves this specialty.....

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