Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the Road...Carnegie Deli, Las Vegas

The Carnegie Deli in the Mirage, Las Vegas. This is the "Woody Allen" with Swiss cheese - half corned beef, half pastrami. Yes, it really is stacked that high between two pieces of silly-looking bread. Carnegie cures their own meats. They are wonderful and taste nothing like what you get in a grocery store "deli." We hit up Carnegie in New York City last year, and ever since, my husband had been dreaming of one of these sandwiches. He shared this one with my Dad.


Me from Cali said...

Crazy sandwich! Madness! I want one!

concerned unit owner said...

Cannot believe the Carnegie Deli in NY serves a meat sandwich with cheese unless things have changed in recent years. I know they're not kosher but they use to be kosher style.