Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dinner at Red Feather

We recently dined with friends on the patio at Red Feather, downtown Boise. Above is a lettuce wedge with buttermilk-chive dressing and onion strings. Loved it!
Spicy chicken won ton bites. Also very good. Red Feather features local food, which I really like. My husband had a hamburger he rated as "very good." There is a downside, however. This is NOT a kid-friendly establishment. There are no children's menu options or super simple dishes that children might like - and we ordered three options for her to try and she didn't like any of them. We zipped across the street to get a piece of pizza for our daughter and were told we could not feed her anything not "Red Feather" while on the patio. It's an understandable policy to keep people from bringing in food from other places and just parking on the patio, but we, in fact, had spent a couple of hundred dollars on dinner - including paying for the three dishes my daughter didn't eat. No matter how wonderful the food and the idea of Red Feather, my friends say they will never eat there again. That's too bad.


tahtimbo said...

It looks like they're working hard to put themselves out of business. I'll let my wife know so she can tell her friends (she's also in charge of arranging dinners for visiting "big-wigs" at her work, so this place will be off the list).

Debbie Courson Smith said...

Hi Tim - it's interesting also to note that just because we had a contrary experience at this restaurant and I shared it, I have received one hate comment - with the person who attempted to comment calling me a "mannerless pig." Of course, that kind of "support" for this restaurant just shows again why we, and why our friends, won't be returning.