Monday, February 16, 2009

Dinner at Carino's

We hadn't been to this restaurant in so long, I hadn't known they had slightly changed the name. I thought it was Johnny Carino's - now, it's just Carino's. We had to wait quite a while to be seated, and then they seated us in the bar, even though we had our 7-year old daughter with us. All the bar TV monitors were showing some bloody boxing, not exactly dinner entertainment. Above is the Italian chili my husband had.
Here's the lasagna he ordered. He said the soup and lasagna were good.

They serve a hot loaf of rosemary bread, which can be dipped in olive oil spiked with toasted garlic chips. It's a yummy thing.

I had a Caesar salad before my meal. It was disappointing.

But this! This was perfect. Lobster ravioli with fresh spinach and diced tomatoes in a basil cream sauce. And fresh Parmesan cheese all over the top. Regular readers know that we often frequent the Olive Garden, which puts fresh Romano on top of everything. Parm is MUCH BETTER! I asked for a take-out menu. I don't know if I want to dine there again, but I want the food and they have curbside service.

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