Friday, October 24, 2008

Review of Bonefish

We recently gave Bonefish a try. It's in downtown Boise near the Cultural District. I didn't know until afterwards that it's a chain. Let's order a salad....

I was the only one who ordered a salad, this is a Caesar and it was served on a well-chilled plate. That's something I haven't seen in years. It was very good. The night we ate there, there were only a couple people in the restaurant. They do have a children's menu, and the tables are covered with paper - so kids are invited to draw all over them, and my daughter did just that.

This is the shrimp diablo dish that I ordered. It was....o-k. The sauce was thick and tasted to me like something out of a jar. There was a slight kick on my tongue, but the overall flavor was bland and the noodles were overcooked.

My husband ordered grilled salmon with seasonal vegetables and chimichurri sauce. See all the oil on the plate? He said the salmon was fine. His biggest complaint was "too much sauce." I think he was referring to the oil. I did not take a picture of my daughter's penne pasta and cheese dish. She ate one small bite and said it was awful. The sauce looked like melted Velveeta. The server's style in addressing us was patronizing. She seemed to talk down to us, maybe because we were a family and we didn't look sophisticated enough to her. So...two thumbs down for Bonefish. If this is your favorite restaurant, please chime in and tell me about your experiences. I always feel bad when I give a restaurant a negative review, but I am being honest. It was also pricey, which is always disappointing when the food isn't good enough to make me want to lick the plate!

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Unknown said...

I had bonefish yesterday, and it was amazing!!! the appitizer was a medium cooked tuna. I had the salmom with vegtiables. the salmon was cooked perfect. there was a little to much sauce, but besides that it was great. The waiter was very nice but a little bit to young to be working in a resturant like that. He was only about 16. I think that the quality depends on where you are, and what season it is, because if you get fish in certian seasons, they are not as good... two thumbs up for BONE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!