Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tiramisu in Hiding

Hiding under all that whipped cream: tiramisu. This is the dessert we shared at our recent Cheesecake Factory dinner. Weird, I know, that we ordered this and not cheesecake. I do admire the restaurant's whipped cream machine. It serves up these pillowy mounds just like a soft-serve ice cream dispenser. Yes, it was all good.

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Me from Cali said...

“Weird, I know”?!?!
What’s really weird is that just yesterday I was earning for tiramisu, so I went and purchased one. Then you post this today. Now, that’s “weird.” Or maybe the stars are in perfect alignment and “It is written: This day you shall crave tiramisu and they that seeketh, findeth, and shall take up pillowy mounds of whipped cream with mascarpone cheese, and they shall be filled and crave no more."