Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Visit to My Thai in Eagle

On your first visit to My Thai, let them know you're a first-timer and you get a free appetizer. Above are the spring rolls. The plum sauce they were served with was super yummy.
Above is the kids' menu won ton soup. We had two kids with us for dinner and they disliked this soup. Too much garnish for kid taste buds. And one more thing to get off my chest before I continue with the review. Charging $3 for a kid-sized milk is outrageous! Now, on to some positives.....

Chicken panang. I really like panang and this was passable. I craved more zing and fire, but that's normal for me :)
And this is funny - my husband's dinner. He doesn't remember what he ordered. It looks like curry. He says the blend of flavors took some getting used to. The atmosphere of My Thai is pleasant with striking views of the Boise Front, the restaurant is right next to a man-made pond/water feature, and inside there is a big and peaceul water feature and lots of candles.

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