Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beer-Battered Fish

Homemade beer-battered fish is what I fried up last night. I used cod fillets. Halibut works, too. Cut the fish into small pieces and pat dry with paper towels.
Here is the batter I use. It's equal parts flour and cornstarch, lots of garlic powder, paprika, some salt, some pepper, a little bit of powdered sugar, dark ale or beer and water. Mix into a sticky batter.
Drop pieces of fish into the batter and then quickly pop them in hot oil. I used peanut oil at 375 degrees. Cook until brown. It takes about 4-5 minutes.
Mmmm. They don't keep as leftovers so eat them all. They're good plain or with malt vinegar. These taste just like the beer-battered fish I've had in restaurants. The batter can also be used for onion rings.

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Unknown said...

Well I've never really thought about the batter on that fish but I've had it in restaurants. Your version sure looks and sounds good.
Happy Twirls