Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Organic Box Challenge: Broccoletti

What a blast of color in my organic delivery yesterday. The broccoletti on the right is something new to me. I think I'll saute it - unless you have a better suggestion?


Me from Cali said...

I never get any feedback on my suggestions, but here goes again: The True Home-made Italian way: Par boil until somewhat cooked (not at all mushy); chill in fridge; then sauté in olive oil and crushed garlic and salt to taste. Okay to serve and eat like this, BUT now the 'true Italian' way: mix in two or whatever beaten whole eggs and stir everything all up together in the hot skillet until eggs are cooked. What do the 'true' Italians (the Southern ones) then do with it? They make a sandwich out of it between two slices of real Calabrese (chewy, ciabatta-like) bread. But can also be used as a side dish.

Anonymous said...

Broccoletti is more tender and usually sweeter than broccoli (in fact I just read online that it's a cross between broccoli and asparagus).

It's great just stir fried, thrown in soups or, if you don't mind the crunch and slight bitterness, chopped very fine for salad, maybe with a good drizzle of balsamic.

What you shouldn't do with any Brassica in the cabbage family is cook it too long. That brings out the skunky odors that nobody likes.

tahtimbo said...

I would prefer to eat it raw, which would allow you to enjoy the delightful "snap" as you take a bite. However, to fully enjoy it's natural goodness, I would accompany it with a garlic/herb dip or melted cheese w/ bacon bits (everything tastes better with bacon) :)

Debbie Courson Smith said...

Thank you so much for all the tips! It's my lunch tomorrow - and I'll probably just very lightly saute it. But I'll sample it, raw, too.